Custom Window Shutters Installed Across the UK

Our Range of Wooden shutters

Hard and soft wood shutters

These are our core and most popular window covering. We’ve been having our wooden shutters manufactured since 2001 and our measure and install service for these is second to none. Call them plantation shutters or interior window shutters, it all means the same thing, which is mainly that they are from three types of wood:

  1. Poplar hard wood - a lovely smooth textured wood with a smart finish
  2. Elm hard wood - Grainy and stylish, big colours and style
  3. Budget basswood - click here for more information on our more budget range

Shapes and sizes

Our wooden products come in a range of shapes & sizes, from full height plantation shutters to half height cafe styled. They all come with louvres or louvers which are the slats used to open and close them, letting light in or not. You can have solid panel shutters or half and half ones, but they’re all made from our three wood types.

Wooden shutters are timeless
They’ve been around for years, especially in the USA and many of our customers are surprised at how few they see around the UK. It’s true that although there are a growing number of shutter companies there isn’t a long history of them in Britain, in fact we were one of the first colonial shutters companies to hit the market and have gone from strength to strength ever since. We’ve decorated windows throughout the UK, from old style classic houses to modern apartments and loft spaces. We can implement wooden shutters in conservatories, special shaped windows, french doors and even room dividers! So despite being a relatively new way of treating windows, shutters are really versatile and a firm favourite with many interior companies.

Fittings and fixtures

Our custom made wooden shutters come with high quality fixings that our customers choose. These include:

  • Metal hinges ranging from antique brass to painted white or ivory.
  • Four thicknesses of wooden slats or louvres. Larger for larger windows generally
  • Push rods can be either hidden or exposed
  • Magnets to hold the shutters in place

Why not check out our gallery to see some of our products for yourself, and pop to our products for more information including colours available and various shapes and styles.