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Where cost effective meets quality

We used to have only two core ranges of products, which were our two wooden shutters elm and poplar, however some of our customers said they would be happy with a slightly more cost effective wood product, of a similar high quality. We came up with basswood shutters as a solution. 

Still gorgeous to look at and utilise, but slightly lower priced, but not the MDF shutters which are seen from some other companies. MDF is heavier and potentially more damaging for the environment in the manufacture process, so we opted for basswood as a happy medium for regular types of windows. If you would like to install special shaped shutters then we will utilise our hard wood ranges rather than basswood.

Fewer options but more savings

The custom options on our budget range are slightly more limited than our premium range of woods, however there are still enough choices to satisfy most demanding of interior designers! There are still classic colours to choose from, two slat sizes and different hinges make those special finishing touches that stand out from the crowd.

Budget shutters

Budget shutters