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Bay Window Shutters

The ideal window covering for popular bay windows

Many UK homes have bay windows of one kind or another, that includes very commonly seen three window bays in Victorian homes. Custom Shutters believe that these traditional windows are ideal for our window shutters. Curtains can often look and feel cumbersome in a bay, as they hang over each other and bunch up at either end when opened. Not so with window shutters which can be installed beautifully, allowing for them to be opened or stay closed, depending on your choice. The louvers can always be opened, so light and space saving are optimal depending on the style chosen.

Cafe shutters are also perfect for bay windows, as the half height can often be made to cover just the lower half of the window, ending where the window frame is. Although there are certain limitations, we often install cafe styles onto bays and they look superb! 

Bays can come in numerous configurations, with five or six panels, they can often be out of true on older properties, however this is no problem for our fully trained installers who pride themselves in getting the best finish possible for our customers at fantastic prices! 

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bay shutters

bay shutters