Custom Window Shutters Installed Across the UK

Our products

The wooden window shutters which we offer are not only extremely competitively priced, but also second to none quality in our opinion. They are custom manufactured for each of our customers, in whichever colours and finishes they choose and are fully installed by professionally trained craftsmen who know how to get the best fit whatever your window shape is. We use a manufacturer with over 10 years experience in providing the very best quality of shutters to the UK market and have consistently excellent feedback from customers. You cab get a quote here for free and see just how good we can be, we’ll even try and match any written quote you have got from other companies, so you’ll never be out of pocket!

The main core ranges of products incorporates:

  1. Full height wooden shutters
  2. Cafe style shutters (or half height)
  3. Solid shutters
  4. Tier on tier shutters
  5. Special shapes for odd windows
  6. Privacy slatted shutters
  7. Designer range
  8. Shutters for doors or room dividers

There are various options within each range, for example designer ranges may have paint laquer options, different hinge colours, slats sizes which differ from other ranges etc. Read more about each range by clicking the links.

Predominantly we offer hard wooden shutters in either elm or polar wood. Both are durable and versatile woods but have different properties when used as window coverings. Poplar is a smoother grained finish and elm is much more heavily grained. Which you go for depends on the look that you are after. The elm is more robust and rustic looking where the grain is visible whereas the poplar wood is smoother and looks perhaps cleaner. Going for any of the products in our ranges will give you a quality product which will last for years, regardless of which is chosen.

Our recently introduced privacy dark slatted shutters are ideal where you want a darker environment, namely bedrooms, nurseries or a home cinema room for example. They broader slats lock together like tongue and groove when they are closed which blocks out more of the light. Help get yourself a restful nights sleep with our privacy dark shutters.

Why use plantation shutters for your windows?

There are of course a few window coverings available to the public and shutters aren’t the cheapest of these, so why use them as your preferred interior solution? We think there are a number of good reasons and here are 10 of them which we think you’ll like:

  1. They are the fastest growing type of covering in the market. Out with the old!
  2. They are the least used covering in the market and so more unique
  3. Super durable and hard wearing, not like some inferior blinds or curtains
  4. They look amazing especially in a lovely grained wooden finish
  5. They use natural materials which look fabulous
  6. They can help keep your home warm as an extra layer of insulation
  7. They can be a deterrent to burglars
  8. They can stop people looking in your rooms
  9. They come in a whole host of custom shapes
  10. They’re easy to clean and maintain

Only The Best Quality From Custom Shutters

When you purchase your plantation shutters for your interior windows from Custom Shutters you will be buying into a traditional manufacturing process where your shutters are made to the dimensions you have ordered using the colour and wood type you have chosen. There are no cut-offs, no cut downs, we only make an order in our factory once it has been received and then it will never be made again (unless someone has the exact same size window and exact style choices as you do!).

Our shutters are made for durability and effect with an architectural style which creates fine lines on your windows. Any room can be complimented by our products and the colours available can wow even the toughest of your inlaws!

Our teams are busy across London and Surrey and across the UK, including our custom team up in the midlands and the North East with Manchester and Cheshire being popular areas for installations. We have a wealth of customers who have bought into the modern designer home themed with our shutters throughout the UK and the USA.

You can get a custom shutter quote online here.