Custom Window Shutters Installed Across the UK

Measuring for shutters is easy!

How to measure for interior window shutters

In order to get a ballpark price quotation in writing to your e-mail inbox, we need to have approximate dimensions of your windows. Click here if you would like to read more to understand the process of getting custom shutters installed in your home, it’s very simple but worth knowing before you start! 

Measuring Windows

Measuring Windows

Useful items to have handy

  1. Metal tape measure
  2. Paper and pen or tablet for noting dimensions
  3. step ladder if windows are hight up
  4. That’s it! 

Regarding measuring, we don’t need exact dimensions, but the closer they are, the closer our initial quotation will be for you. The best thing to do is grab a metal tape measure and offer it up to get the height and width of the windows as per the drawing below. You may want to measure twice before noting the dimensions as it can be easy to make a mistake.

Measuring bay window shutters

Bays are perfect for shutters, so if you have bay windows, each panel of window will require a shutter. So in the two examples below, there will be three shutters, therefore three measurements for each bay window. Usually the two on each side of the bay are similar sizes but not always, and bays can contain several panels, not just three as these examples.

Measuring special shaped windows

We love a challenge and have been installing special shaped windows for years! Whether round or elongated, or arched as in the example below, please alwaysa take the maximum dimension. IE. in the arch, the height to the highest point. In a round window the full diameter.

That’s all there is to getting your quote!